You gotta see this!

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My friend Brandi asked me to be a nerd in her video…look what happened!?!

1994-2013 RIP Peapod, RIP

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A week ago today I had to put my beautiful cat-child to sleep.

We’ve been together for (what feels like) my whole life, certainly my entire adult life. And while I’m incredibly sad & miss her terribly, I recognize how lucky I was to have her with me for so long. Through many cross-country moves, breakups, & career changes…she’s always been right there at my side. She escorted me into adulthood, into finding myself, my voice, and my passion. There’s not one video I’ve made where she hasn’t been in my life. She even guest starred in some:

I couldn’t have asked for a better friend & companion; & never dreamed that when my friend casually asked, “hey, you want a kitten?” and I answered, “sure!” that I was making an almost 19 year commitment. #SoBlessed #SoManyMemories #NeverForget

So much good stuff happening right now!

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OMG guys, I feel like I’m creatively on FIRE! I’m finishing up writing my (long in the works) pilot, creating a sketch show, producing a feature (What?!), writing & producing a short film & I just had an awesome meeting about staging my brand new Caryn Ruby & Friend(s) Live show here in Chicago! I also just updated my sketch character reel for an audition *fingers crossed* & it’s on the front page of this website but in case you are reading this later or want to save a click right now, & watch now, here u go:
So I took a survey in the facebook group of what character you guys want more of, and it turns out, drunk girl is the most popular(!), so I’m working on creating a short film for her to appear in. Thanks, as always, for your support, encouragement & suggestions!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Including not “regular” mothers!

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I made another drunk girl video to celebrate mother’s day. It’s disappointing that single Pet Moms aren’t recognized more. Well, here you go.
Especially since my cat (who also happens to be a movie star) (here and also here) has been with me for 18 years! That’s gotta count for something, right? Right. Happy Mother’s day to all you cat moms, dog moms, hamster moms, squirrel moms…whatever. Enjoy your day!

Drunk Girl is a success!

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Lol. Guys, I’m so excited! My hard work is starting to pay off! Thank you everyone for your support, for watching, liking & commenting! Here’s Drunk Girl on St. Patricks Day:

More episodes with Drunk girl plus some new characters coming soon!!

Almost 700 views & 80 likes in 3 days

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Friday I saw an article about people suing Anheuser-Busch for diluting their beer. Then I read that the plaintiffs hadn’t tested any samples to prove their accusation. Hilarious! I started to write a joke but realized this was way more than one joke, and *AHA* *Epiphany* I finally had a reason to play drunk!

ps, I LOVE LOVE LOVE pretending to be drunk. I don’t know why I find it so much fun, especially since I’m not at all a drinker (I get sick and think I’m allergic but that’s another story for another day).

Anywhoo, I thought it would be fun to do the bit SNL-Weekend Update style. It got lots of views & likes right away, so I am super excited!

Thanks for watching!

An old poem I wrote, still pretty relevant

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I wrote this poem in January, 2005

It’s time to rise up
All band together
Do it now or ther’ll be no forever
Biotechnology, Franken foods
Do you really know what’s in you?

Watch the news, it’s all manufactured for you

Wanna know what’s really going on? Or would you rather just be another pawn
It’s all there to be found you just need to look around

Educate yourself ain’t no one gonna do it for you

Big brother is no joke
Go ahead, take another toke
It’s happening right in front of you

What’s worse?  Smoking a joint or robbing someone at gunpoint?
Men getting married or people getting buried
Something is wrong with our society.  It’s nothing new.

We are the majority!