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June 2013

So much good stuff happening right now!

By | Sketch Comedy

OMG guys, I feel like I’m creatively on FIRE! I’m finishing up writing my (long in the works) pilot, creating a sketch show, producing a feature (What?!), writing & producing a short film & I just had an awesome meeting about staging my brand new Caryn Ruby & Friend(s) Live show here in Chicago! I also just updated my sketch character reel for an audition *fingers crossed* & it’s on the front page of this website but in case you are reading this later or want to save a click right now, & watch now, here u go:
So I took a survey in the facebook group of what character you guys want more of, and it turns out, drunk girl is the most popular(!), so I’m working on creating a short film for her to appear in. Thanks, as always, for your support, encouragement & suggestions!!