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July 2013

1994-2013 RIP Peapod, RIP

By | Random Thoughts

A week ago today I had to put my beautiful cat-child to sleep.

We’ve been together for (what feels like) my whole life, certainly my entire adult life. And while I’m incredibly sad & miss her terribly, I recognize how lucky I was to have her with me for so long. Through many cross-country moves, breakups, & career changes…she’s always been right there at my side. She escorted me into adulthood, into finding myself, my voice, and my passion. There’s not one video I’ve made where she hasn’t been in my life. She even guest starred in some:

I couldn’t have asked for a better friend & companion; & never dreamed that when my friend casually asked, “hey, you want a kitten?” and I answered, “sure!” that I was making an almost 19 year commitment. #SoBlessed #SoManyMemories #NeverForget