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My buddy Kate and I wrote this film and shot it and I got to play a dude! With a really large schlong (made possible by one LARGE sock!) It was so much fun! We are in post right now, editing and making final touches. Hopefully it will be done by the end of June so we can send to some festivals! Thank you to so many people who made this possible!!! in the meantime, here are some fotos!!

M4M CUNT (Moms 4 Maintaining Children Unaware of Naughty Things)

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My friend Kate & I created this video because sometimes the toys at Toys R Us are just too sexualized for children.

Please enjoy. And feel free to like, share and subscribe. It’s only right. #savethechildren

Randy Quaid Sex Tape Parody Video

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Kate & I wrote, costumed, rehearsed, taped & edited this within 7 hours. Not bad. Of course we had some great set design, directing and camera help from the one & only Jen Pagan. So happy. So much fun. Love.

You gotta see this!

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My friend Brandi asked me to be a nerd in her video…look what happened!?!

So much good stuff happening right now!

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OMG guys, I feel like I’m creatively on FIRE! I’m finishing up writing my (long in the works) pilot, creating a sketch show, producing a feature (What?!), writing & producing a short film & I just had an awesome meeting about staging my brand new Caryn Ruby & Friend(s) Live show here in Chicago! I also just updated my sketch character reel for an audition *fingers crossed* & it’s on the front page of this website but in case you are reading this later or want to save a click right now, & watch now, here u go:
So I took a survey in the facebook group of what character you guys want more of, and it turns out, drunk girl is the most popular(!), so I’m working on creating a short film for her to appear in. Thanks, as always, for your support, encouragement & suggestions!!

Drunk Girl is a success!

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Lol. Guys, I’m so excited! My hard work is starting to pay off! Thank you everyone for your support, for watching, liking & commenting! Here’s Drunk Girl on St. Patricks Day:

More episodes with Drunk girl plus some new characters coming soon!!