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Baked Goodes in Newsweek Magazine!

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nbd, in between Comedy Central’s Time Traveling Bong and Snoop’s Grow House, our own Baked Goodes was featured as a “must watch” by Newsweek Magazine!! Woot!!

Here’s what they said:

Baked Goodes: What happens when two failing bakers and a stoner all come together? Viewers will soon find out when Baked Goodes, a web comedy series produced, directed, starring and written by women, premieres on YouTube Thursday. The show starring Mackenzie Horras, Molly Reynolds and Caryn Ruby as they attempt to launch a marijuana edible company in a still-illegal California.

check it out!

Baked Goodes coming soon!

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Hi friends! OMG I’m so excited to announce the 13-episode web series I co-wrote & co-produced is launching on 4/20! Obv it’s weed themed lol. I hope you’ll subscribe so you don’t miss an episode! For now, please enjoy the trailer!

ps the screenshot from our “Hipster Heaven” episode. Pictured is Molly Reynolds who plays Julie and is absolutely HILARIOUS and SO SO talented!!