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I know this is where the bio goes but I’ve been reluctant to write one ‘cause it feels weird to brag since I wasn’t raised that way, plus I struggle with thoughts of “is what I’ve done good enough?” But then, I feel obligated to try and describe my “accomplishments” in a funny and charming and who knows, maybe even poignant way but then of course, I wonder who’s really going to read it? And if you are reading this now, do you care that I am originally from Chicago? I mean, does it reaaaly matter to you, dear reader, that I’ve toured and performed with sketch groups and improv groups and done stand up comedy with famous people? Or done plenty of other random things, like compete in bodybuilding, perform in Singapore or run away at age 7? Are you interested in the time I did mushrooms and learned my cat was god and then got her tattoo’d on my arm? Maybe you like the fact that writing/producing/editing comedy content with others is my jam and I’m currently co-creating projects with 2 different groups? One thing I’m legit proud of is that for a whole year I co-hosted and helped produce a weekly late-night talk show at Second City Chicago. And I think it’s awesome and cool that I have family in Japan and LOVE to go there even though I was kicked out of the onsen for having a tattoo… BUT, I’m willing to bet cash money that nobody’s life is improved by knowing that I am a proud graduate of the Second City Conservatory and Groundlings “Lab”. Or even the fact that I have three “traditional” degrees, like; two bachelors & a Masters degree…in science*.

I’m convinced none of this matters because I’m writing this on Sep. 8, 2017 and THE WORLD IS BURNING AND DROWNING AND QUAKING…and even I am having a hard time giving a shit that I took writing classes at UCLA, Groundlings, Second City, iO & with Corey Mandell and clown classes with Paola Coletto. Do you care that I’ve lived in Red states and Blue states and survived the coldest winters and hottest summers? It’s not like I’m glib about the end of the world, humans have had a pretty good run (considering all the devastation and destruction man has created – and YES, I specifically mean men)…but I probably shouldn’t put that on my “about me” page on my comedy website. But since I’m writing this during the potentially end of the world, wgaf, right? And, maybe all this life experience and training and the fact that I’m addicted to news and politics right now makes me extremely hirable for your writer’s room? That’s the goal.

*from the University of Michigan**.
**I’m now legally required to say “go blue”


ps posting all these pictures of me feels way too self indulgent so here are some pics of me looking ridiculous.

“Live your life as though everything you do DOES make a difference.”