Hi! Thanks for visiting my website! I suppose you are here to learn more about me. Ok, here’s some stuff you may not know.

I grew up in Chicago on sketch comedy; watching shows at Second City & SNL on TV. I used to think “If only I could do that…” and probably never would’ve if it hadn’t been for a fellow actor recommending I take classes at Second City. #ForeverGrateful

I started running away at age 7 but wasn’t successful until I got to college.

I worked lots of jobs from age 16 to now. I made sandwiches* & telemarketed; worked for fancy law firms & unfancy family business.

Former competitive bodybuilder & personal trainer.

Second City LA Conservatory Graduate!

I’ve Lived in Red states & Blue states. Survived winter snow & desert heat. Sometimes back to back calendar years (my temperature sensing mechanism is all screwed up!) I’m a workaholic.

I got thru “Lab” at The Groundlings.

I performed with sketch groups and improv groups and stand up comedy by myself. I learned how to edit and produce videos. I tweet and co-host an internet radio show. I like to learn new things & meet people.

I write my own material. I’m a mastermind.**

I’m proud to have been the only white female in both a Latino sketch group and a black comedy convention. I’ve visited family in Japan & friends in the hood.

I’m very diverse for a white girl.

*for pay in a cafeteria
**this may not be true

“Live your life as though everything you do DOES make a difference.”