My buddy Kate and I wrote this film and shot it and I got to play a dude! With a really large schlong (made possible by one LARGE sock!) It was so much fun! We are in post right now, editing and making final touches. Hopefully it will be done by the end of June so we can send to some festivals! Thank you to so many people who made this possible!!! in the meantime, here are some fotos!!

M4M CUNT (Moms 4 Maintaining Children Unaware of Naughty Things)

My friend Kate & I created this video because sometimes the toys at Toys R Us are just too sexualized for children.

Please enjoy. And feel free to like, share and subscribe. It’s only right. #savethechildren

Randy Quaid Sex Tape Parody Video

Hey all, have you seen this yet?

If not, watch it. Then, watch what we did:


Kate & I wrote, costumed, rehearsed, taped & edited this within 7 hours. Not bad. Of course we had some great set design, directing and camera help from the one & only Jen Pagan. So happy. So much fun. Love.

2014 Wrap Up

Saw a few friends posting year-end accomplishments on facebook & thought it would be fun to look back at what I did. Using my calendar as a reminder, this is what I learned. I:

*worked on 20 videos & films (no nudity, fyi)
*performed in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri, Oregon & Singapore
*134 live shows including five 30 minute sets
*opening for Helen Hong at the St. Jo Frontier Casino &
*Dobie Maxwell at Milwaukee’s Northern Lights Theater
*Hosting & writing for the Midnight Parade at Second City
*Scruggs fest
*The Kates
*Playing Amelia Earhart and Thomas Jefferson in Mr. Pat’s sketch show. Oh and this taco video!!

Here’s to an even more productive 2015!

New Web Series – Jokes!

Hey there! Long time no post! I’ve neglected posting for a while and realized I should post this new short web series. I’ve been writing a lot of topical jokes for Midnight Parade, the late night talk show I write and perform on at Second City every week. Another writer and I decided to make a web series with some of our jokes. Then we decided to put some fun background stuff in it. Anyway, it’s 2 jokes each, one take, we surprise each other with the jokes we wrote and hope to make the other one laugh. Here it is:

You gotta see this!

My friend Brandi asked me to be a nerd in her video…look what happened!?!

1994-2013 RIP Peapod, RIP

A week ago today I had to put my beautiful cat-child to sleep.

We’ve been together for (what feels like) my whole life, certainly my entire adult life. And while I’m incredibly sad & miss her terribly, I recognize how lucky I was to have her with me for so long. Through many cross-country moves, breakups, & career changes…she’s always been right there at my side. She escorted me into adulthood, into finding myself, my voice, and my passion. There’s not one video I’ve made where she hasn’t been in my life. She even guest starred in some:

I couldn’t have asked for a better friend & companion; & never dreamed that when my friend casually asked, “hey, you want a kitten?” and I answered, “sure!” that I was making an almost 19 year commitment. #SoBlessed #SoManyMemories #NeverForget

So much good stuff happening right now!

OMG guys, I feel like I’m creatively on FIRE! I’m finishing up writing my (long in the works) pilot, creating a sketch show, producing a feature (What?!), writing & producing a short film & I just had an awesome meeting about staging my brand new Caryn Ruby & Friend(s) Live show here in Chicago! I also just updated my sketch character reel for an audition *fingers crossed* & it’s on the front page of this website but in case you are reading this later or want to save a click right now, & watch now, here u go:
So I took a survey in the facebook group of what character you guys want more of, and it turns out, drunk girl is the most popular(!), so I’m working on creating a short film for her to appear in. Thanks, as always, for your support, encouragement & suggestions!!

Happy Mother’s Day to all! Including not “regular” mothers!

I made another drunk girl video to celebrate mother’s day. It’s disappointing that single Pet Moms aren’t recognized more. Well, here you go.
Especially since my cat (who also happens to be a movie star) (here and also here) has been with me for 18 years! That’s gotta count for something, right? Right. Happy Mother’s day to all you cat moms, dog moms, hamster moms, squirrel moms…whatever. Enjoy your day!